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Church Fundraisers

TSDitto Photography is a Christian Based Business that wants to serve “God” by giving back to the Churches in St. Louis County, and other surrounding areas.


When it comes to fundraising, taking family portraits is a great way to raise money!  Give me a call and let me help your church launch a Family Portrait Fundraiser, today.


Church Family Portrait Fundraiser


How this program works...


The Fundraiser Coordinator will setup booking times and collect a $15.00 fee for each booking.

Each booking, entitles a family to 1 beautiful “Color” 8x10 Family Portrait printed on Kodak's finest paper (a $20 value).


  • Your Church will keep 85% of the booking fee sales!

  • One booking per family please.  

    • However, each family that is photographed will have the opportunity to pose for 4 additional photographs during their sitting.  

    • Any additional ordered print sheets will cost $3.00 each, to be paid at the time of the sitting. 

      • (Additional portrait sizes:  2 - 4x6s per sheet, 2 - 5x7s per sheet, or 1- 8x10)


The Coordinator of the event and Pastor of your Church will receive their Portraits for FREE!!! 

Also, a CD of all event portraits purchased, for the fundraiser will be given to the church, to be used for your church directory and/or website.


All photographs will be professionally processed, and available to take home approximately 2 weeks after your Photography Fundraising date.  (All portraits are printed on Kodak’s finest paper.)


  • Other photography packages and services are available upon request. (e.g. Events, Holidays, Picnics, other Celebrations, etc.) 

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