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Per our written and/or verbal contract/agreement The Client is already aware that TSDitto Photography is a DIGITALLY Based Photography Business.  We offer an enjoyable, activity filled, customized and professional Photo Shoot Experience to our clients, that will hopefully be remembered for years to come, via the client's personal photo website gallery.


All photo shoot experiences are listed as SESSION FEES only.  The TSDitto Photography Photo Shoot Experience Session Fees include the base price, studio operating costs, use of studio and/or travel to and from on location destinations, event type including time/hours of service, (if applicable and/or agreed upon by the involved parties), use of props, use of costumes (if applicable), the time, talent, and direction of the photographer for shooting, selecting and the editing of the included digital images as listed in the description of each package via TSDitto's calendar app, website, contracts, emails, texts, and/or any additional written or verbal communication.  Printing, Gallery Downloads, Copyrights, and other products are sold separately via The website.


The following text details the Standard Client Download and/or Professional Printing Instructions: 


Click on the "Download" icon button, (on the top right of your PC screen), to order your entire digital gallery download to your personal computer.  Click on the "Buy Photos" button to purchase any prints from my website.  The gallery download is the easiest, and most convenient way to grant you, "The Client" complete and non-watermarked access to all of the photos produced.  It also allows you future access to all of the images, to be saved on your own devices.  Therefore, if you require access at a later date, your first resource should be your own archiving system, to use the photos (for any noncommercial purpose, including "home" printing).  


Note:  The gallery download is much more efficient than downloading each picture individually.  However, selecting and purchasing a few specific and favorited individual "professional" prints is much more cost effective than printing the entire gallery, all at once, (as explained below).

Please note that all gallery downloads must be to a laptop, a personal computer (PC), MAC, an external hard drive, or a large capacity USB (flash drive), etc.  Smart phones, iPhones, tablets, and iPads are not able to accept the large volume of high resolution photos that have been delivered to you, "The Client".  


Once downloaded, and/or printed the watermark will no longer appear on the photos.  It is recommended that you use any tablets, iPads, or other mobile (handheld) devices for viewing purposes only, as well as, any quick "sharing of individual watermarked" pictures to your social media sites.  Remember to always give credit to "TSDitto Photography by Tina Ditto" when sharing "online", by either leaving the watermark on (whereas cropping is prohibited) or mentioning TSDitto Photography's company name while posting.  


Note:  There is a "Buy Button" visible on your handheld devices.  This button allows you to purchase individual downloads of a single photo at a time, if this is your preference.  Also, if you are ready to select and purchase those specific individual professional prints, you may do so from your handheld devices.  Again, downloading the entire gallery is not an option for handheld devices.  

Feel free to share this email and link with your family and friends, as they may be interested in ordering wall art, and/or specific prints, or other products commemorating these forever frozen moments in time, as well.

For the convenience of ordering printed photos for yourself, and/or as gifts to family and friends, there are many framing options, sizes, wall art, greeting cards for all occasions, and other products/services available, (including shipping), per your preference.

For the Client, who prefers "printed" photos, in addition to, or in place of their digital gallery download, It is recommended that "The Client" only prints their favorite individual photos (printing the entire gallery is again, not recommended, and could become quite costly based on the large volume of photos produced, and that are available for the Client to choose from the website.  With full knowledge and understanding "The Client" has already been informed that per "The Client's" preference, "The Client" also has the option to order the ($75) copyright release, if "The Client" chooses to purchase their prints from a different printing company (prohibited by law, without copyright release).  


However, TSDitto Photography strongly recommends that "The Client" orders any prints from the company website, because it is reputable and specializes in printing quality and professional photos and is competitively priced.  Offering dozens of print sizes, several specialized print finishes, and additional products not always available at your local big box, or pharmacy store printer locations.  Also, be advised that those other locations who do not specialize in professional photography printing, may inadvertently crop images (cutting off scenes inappropriately) without providing resizing options, as opposed to printing via TSDitto Photography's website.   Please also be informed that, if there are any particular images that you would prefer additional small enhancements to, or to be zoomed in on, and cropped (as more of a close up shot), please let me know.  I can do this process for up to “5” photos.  If you require enhancements to more than the 5 offered, that may or may not include special requests, such as “Photoshop” like augmentations, there will be a $3 surcharge applied to each added image, beyond the 5th that was originally offered.  However, please note that TSDitto Photography truly believes in the natural appearance of the client, and if the client insists on a particular image to be edited in a way that is not as shot; in which the client no longer appears as they looked when the image was photographed, there will be a $50 surcharge for the outsourced editing regarding that one individual picture, and each thereafter.  This is due to the extensive details, and time-consuming nature of the “Photoshop” program.  Please also understand that there may also be at least another 2 to 3 weeks added to the delivery of these additionally enhanced images. 

As an additional option, TSDitto Photography also offers the service of printing 5 preferred photos on behalf of "The Client" as an alternative to navigating the website and printing for themselves. This process is available for a small convenience fee of $65, and must be paid in advance.   "The Client" may select and request 1 - 8x10, 2 - 5x7, and 2 - 4x6 photos to be printed, and shipped to "The Client's" address.  Simply reply to this email with the photo "file names", and preferred size (all other products and print sizes will be sold separately). This convenience fee includes additional labor, printing, shipping and taxes.  If the cost of these prints exceeds $65 (due to print finishing selections, etc.),  "The Client" will be required to pay for any overages at the time of your order.

Per "The Client" and TSDitto Photography's initial communication, and contract agreement, "The Client" is fully aware that all original fees collected were for TSDitto Photography's time, labor, and hourly rates for conducting the photo shoot experience, as well as, the editing, and process time for the production of photos created, reviewed, and chosen from that photo shoot.  


There was an abundance of images taken, and available to choose from.  Per "The Client" and TSDitto Photography's signed contract agreement, "The Client" is fully aware of TSDitto Photography's artistic style, and acknowledges that the images shall not be subject to rejection on the basis of taste, aesthetic criteria, uncontrolled fluorescent lighting environments, comparisons to other photographer's work, or "The Client's" personal appearance, or lack of participation, and/or cooperation.  If there are any questions or concerns regarding any specific image, please contact TSDitto Photography immediately, to discuss some type of reasonable editing resolution for that particular preferred photo, if applicable.  No more than two photos will be addressed in this circumstance, again due to the fact that there were an abundance of pictures taken, and there may be several other images to select from.  TSDitto Photography's main goal is to develop long and lasting relationships, by making strong efforts to maintain satisfied and happy clients.

"The Client" is invited to view and "Like" the TSDitto Photography by Tina Ditto, TSDitto Photography - Studio & Gallery, and TSDitto Clients' Facebook pages, and to also "Follow" TSDittoPhotography_by_TinaD on Instagram.

"The Client" in future may also be featured on TSDitto's social media pages and/or other media outlets, as per recent coverages on FOX2News, and KSDK Channel 5.  Please feel free to stay updated on news and activities about TSDitto Photography as well as to share and invite family and friends to "Like and Follow" TSDitto's social media pages.  The exposure is greatly appreciated.



TSDitto would also appreciate your favorable review on the following links:



Thank You.


Tina S. Ditto

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